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I have stopped posting on here and the new website it

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New Tippmann TiPX Desert Tan Pistol

ImageIn addition to the three items Tippmann has launched last week at the Paintball Extravaganza, Tippmann Sports also announced a new desert tan version of the popular TiPX Pistol. The desert tan version which is the same pantone used by the U.S. Army is available for immediate shipment from our online store at or by contacting your local paintball dealer.

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Pinokio F1 Prototype

Finally, after months of rumors and speculation, the Pinokio F1 has finally been announced. Don’t get too excited because this hopper is said to still have a long way to go. The company has incorporated many new features and a sleek new design. The Pinokio F1 is said to be super light at just under a pound.  The hopper will function in nine-volt mode, drawing nine volts of power from the two batteries, providing 10-11 balls per second of fire for extreme battery efficiency, or in eighteen-volt mode, powering the loader to well over 25 shots per second. In two drop tests, the Pinokio F1 prototype was able to feed 32 balls per second. On an Eclipse Ego marker, the F1 prototype was able to feed the marker at well past 25 shots per second over a radar chronograph, with the marker in uncapped ramp. Continue reading

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Planet Eclipse 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Can you believe it? It has been 20 years since Planet Eclipse was first established. To celebrate the 20th anniversary they made 20 collector’s edition markers. You get two markers , the csl and geo 2.1 , in a hand crafted wooden display.There will be two or three sets that will go up for auction for collectors to bid on. There will be two or three sets that will be donated to charities, two or three that will be sold via the Planet Eclipse web site, one set is reserved for a very special New Year’s competition, and the rest will be given to people close to planet eclipse.

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New Tippmann Products

Tippmann has just announced it’s three new patent-pending products. These products are said to bring new features to the world of paintball. Continue reading

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Beginner Info And What To Buy

Okay, now since your here you must be interested in paintball. Great! Now, whether your new to the sport, a weekend warrior, no-shirt guy (you’ll get this later if you don’t already), or Ollie Lang himself, it’s my personal goal to ensure this site has something for you! Now, where to start? Continue reading

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Getting Into The Wonderful Sport of Paintball

Paintball may be intimidating at first, but it’s not all that hard. I remember the first time I stepped onto the field. I thought paintball was scary and a waste of time but my friend dragged me onto the field. My heart was racing, i was breathing heavily, and I was sweating as if I had ran 20 miles. I was excited and nervous at the same time. As soon as the ref yelled “Go Go Go” I ran as I have never ran before. As soon as I pulled the trigger once I was hooked. The moral of this very short story is don’t judge paintball until you try it. If you are low on money but really want to give paintball a try I suggest getting an Empire Paintball rookie pass (Link will be at the end of the description). This pass will get you everything you need to start paying paintball. Note this pass is only valid at certain locations.

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